LifeGroups are the heartbeat of discipleship at LifeSpring. LifeGroups are a community of men and women who meet in homes throughout the metro area. Why join a LifeGroup? Join to have intimacy with God, to have community and friendship with other believers (insiders) and to have influence with your neighbors and those who need Christ (outsiders). LifeGroups meet regularly for Study, Training, Encouragement, Prayer, and Service (STEPS). We also have a lot of fun.

During our Fall Emphasis, each LifeGroup will have a sermon-based Bible study on holiness.
To discuss leading a LG, hosting, or any questions, contact: [email protected]

Experience Spiritual Growth

• Intimacy with God

• Influence with Outsiders

• Community with Insiders

Experience Authentic Community

• Accountability

• Belonging

• Love and Care

Walking as Jesus Walked (STEPS)

Study: We study God's Word

Train: We train disciples in spiritual disciplines and train apprentices.

Encourage: We encourage each other, follow the one-another commands, and have fun together.

Pray: We pray for each other in our group meeting and throughout the week.

Serve: We serve each other and our community.

LifeGroup Resources

If you would like some help selecting a LifeGroup, or want to discuss leading a group or becoming an apprentice or a host, please contact Pastor Steve Hicks at [email protected]

LifeGroup Online Interest Form

If you are interested in joining a LifeGroup fill out our interest form here.


Due to the nature and number of LifeGroups, each LifeGroup is responsible for its own child care. If a group meets on Sunday mornings, however, Sunday School is already provided at the church. When contacting a LifeGroup leader to discuss your child care options, you will probably also want to ask about their current study, meeting time, and location. Although our listing of LifeGroups is up-to-date, unforeseen circumstances can lead a group to meet at a different time or location on any given week.

LifeGroup FAQ

View our LifeGroup FAQ by clicking here