Worship Choir

A church’s ministry is only as effective as the people in its congregation who choose to get involved.  Small groups, outreach teams, and the arts have provided great opportunities for people to connect to the life of their church’s ministry.  The Worship Choir is an opportunity for involvement.  I’ve often heard the choir referred to as “the church within the church.”

When you join a choir, you’re not just singing notes together, you’re doing life and ministry together.  Whatever music we're working on, you'll find a group passionate about the grace of Jesus. 

There are a couple of times each year that we prepare for special events.  The group is comprised of high school students and adults.

We are currently out of session until preparation begins on May 29 for our patriotic program that will be presented on Tuesday, July 2, 2019.  We rehearse on Wednesday evenings from 6:30 to 7:25PM in the Worship Center.

A Shining Light A SHINING LIGHT brings loyalty to God and country together, reminding us of what a great blessing it is to live in a nation whose very existence promotes liberty and justice for all, as one nation, under God.  And it is because of this liberty that we, as Christians and as Americans, have the privilege to be the light of Christ to nations all around the world, as well as here at home.  After all, it is the Lord Who has touched and blessed this land… and may we strive to keep it a bright and shining light for Him!