A Note from Our Worship Arts Pastor, Jeff Brocaille!

It is with great pleasure that I serve this metro community! LifeSpring Church added me to the team of pastors in June of 2014. Our fellowship consists of people from various walks of life that have chosen to share life experiences and learn together.

At LifeSpring, worshipping is a main focus that we are deeply committed to in a group experience. Our worship team is comprised of dedicated, hardworking individuals with a variety of unique experiences and backgrounds. Serving together through purposeful collaboration our team assists those gathered for worship in learning to express their personal praise to God, and experience God’s presence in a constantly changing world. We invite you to join our church worship gatherings and perhaps become part of our worship leading team.

We value the support and input of our community. We encourage a cooperative partnership with you and the community we serve. Please feel free to visit our church and to become a part of the LifeSpring tradition. If you ever have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me at 402-292-4546 or .

Jeff Brocaille

Worship Arts Brochure

Worship Arts Brochure