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Praise Band

The Praise Band is a rotating group of guitarists, keyboard players and percussionists that provide the edge to our worship experience. Rehearsals are held each Wednesday night in the Worship Center for upcoming Sunday services. Players will audition with the director.

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Vocal Praise Team

The Vocal Praise Team is made up of a talented group of singers who have a heart to worship Jesus. We rehearse each Wednesday night for the upcoming Sunday worship gatherings. Those assigned to the weekend will also rehearse in the Worship Center with the Praise Band following the Vocal Praise Team practice. This auditioned group is comprised of members that also participate in the LifeSpring Worship Choir.

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Tech Team

Opportunities are available in our lighting, video, lyric projection, and audio ministry.

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Worship Choir

When you join a choir, you’re not just singing notes together, you’re doing life and ministry together. Whatever music we're working on, you'll find a group passionate about the grace of Jesus. There are a couple of times each year that we prepare for special events. The group is comprised of high school students and adults.

If you would like to be part of our Worship Choir, fill out our Worship Arts interest form.

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