Flood Relief




Thank you for all your prayers for those who are suffering in our community due to damage from the flood. There are a numbers of ways you can help.


There are a number of ways you can volunteer to help those affected by the flood. If anyone is interested in volunteering or have questions about volunteering please give Shari Vossen, our flood relief coordinator, a call, text or email. (612-991-4769, )

Physical labor to help remove debris, cut out drywall, power wash, and sanitize homes. Will work with trained DR Crew.

Only for those individuals who went through assessor training.


For those people wanting to help volunteer with mud out cleaning, please make sure you have the following equipment before you come to volunteer:
- hard-toed shoes
-Long pants
-work gloves
-goggles if you have them, if not they will be provided.

If you aren't able to help with the labor of the mud out effort, there is also a need for people to go along and simply connect with the families and talk with them and minister to them as our crews work.



Give Financially – Online or at LifeSpring
We have set up a Disaster Relief Fund to directly help those affected by the floods. You can give online on our Giving Page by designating  “Disaster Relief” from the drop down menu. You can also drop off financial gifts at the church office during normal office hours.

Donate meals
Some LifeSpring families have been displaced and have requested meal trains. If you are interested in donating a meal for a family email Shari Vossen at .



Have you been affected by the recent flooding?
To request help, please first call the Crisis Cleanup Hotline (number below) to get your home listed. We are partnering with the Crisis Cleanup Hotline in our relief efforts: (833) 556-2476.

You can also stop by the Disaster Relief Incident Command Center at LifeSpring Church to fill out a work order for any needs you have.

If you are a LifeSpring attendee:
Please first call the number above and then email to let us know you are requesting Disaster Relief



Below are some important links for additional info...

Sarpyflood.org - The latest accurate info on volunteering and relief efforts

Nebraska Emergency Management Agency - Current info for those affected