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New Christmas Series begins this Sunday

2020: One Habit/Multiple Benefits

You can choose all kinds of resolutions and new habits for the new year: exercise, diet, reducing spending, automatic savings, daily time with God, etc. They are all good and beneficial.

May I suggest one weekly habit that will pay huge dividends for you and your entire family? It’s the discipline of weekly worship with your church family. Not monthly or when it is convenient, but weekly. Look at the benefits:

  • God blesses those who worship him corporately. The more people praising together, the more glory God receives. It’s more powerful than what you can do alone.
  • Engaging with the preaching of God’s Word is a proven way to fight against apathy and growing cold spiritually. It’s how you and I can come under conviction of sin.
  • You’ll encourage hundreds of other people in your church family.
  • You’ll demonstrate to your friends and neighbors that the worship of God comes first.
  • It will strengthen your marriage and help with your parenting.
  • It will keep you informed about the mission and direction of your church.
  • It is where you will observe the ordinances of baptism and communion—big deals to God.
  • It is where you will be reminded why and how to support God’s kingdom financially. (If you don’t attend worship because you don’t want to be reminded about tithing, you’re shooting yourself in the foot twice.) J
  • Holy God requests and deserves your presence in his house on his day!

This Sunday, January 5, will be a great time to begin this holy habit. We’re kicking off a new sermon series:

Need some encouragement? Embrace a new paradigm for a new year: With God, your weakness can be your greatest strength!

That’s the message of the New Testament book of 2nd Corinthians. As we journey chapter-by-chapter through this letter of the Apostle Paul to Greek believers, we will see how our weakness can be a channel for God’s transforming power.

The topics will encourage you: The God of all comfort; Overcomers in Christ; Living in Jars of Clay; Living as Holy Temples of God; What it means to be grace-givers; Power to destroy demonic strongholds; Recognizing true and false prophets; God’s power-providing grace; and Your ultimate test.

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