One of our goals is to provide effective and practical Biblical guidance as individuals and families walk the path God has placed before them. This can include the joys of life as well as the difficult issues we face. We see LifeSpring Church as a family that God has brought together, and as such, we need to love and support one another.
Our Family Care ministries serve as a supplement to the LifeGroups in our church. We do not see our family ministry as a separate entity, but another avenue of making disciples and encouragement to the individuals and families in our church.

For questions, resources, or to discuss a personal or family need, contact:
Pastor Steve Hicks: [email protected]
Pastor Steve Holdaway: [email protected]

Spiritual Life Coaching

If you are seeking God's will for a specific decision or trying to discern His leading for a direction you should take, coaching can help you become "unstuck." During an interactive time with you confidentially expressing your situation, and the coach actively listening to you, with the presence of God and the use of His Word of God, you can gain confidence and peace in your life and relationships.

Spiritual and Faith Counseling

As we go through life, sometimes we come to a point where we struggle with our faith, maybe even question who God is and His role in our lives. Perhaps we are struggling to see relevance in our faith. We welcome the opportunity to meet with you and discuss spiritual issues as they arise in your life.

Premarital Counseling

Premarital counseling is a necessary and valuable step to prepare a couple for marriage. This usually consists of a minimum of four sessions. The Pastors use the Prepare-Enrich assessment (which has a fee) and the Word of God as God's blueprint for marriage. Premarital sessions focus around areas such as the Biblical roles of husbands & wives, communication, expectations, problem solving, and finances.

Marriage Enrichment (Counseling For Couples)

This is a ministry designed to help struggling couples discuss areas such as communication and problem solving. This ministry involves the Prepare-Enrich assessment (there is a fee) and teaching from God's word. This counseling is conducted by the Pastors. Referrals to licensed counselors could occur.

Parenting Classes

Raising children is a tough challenge in today's world. Peers and our culture exert a never-ending pressure on kids and their families. Whether it is a split family or one where both parents are present, raising a family is a stressful job. But the good news is that God has been working with people in tough situations for a long time! We look to provide a new understanding of how God's principles for raising children still work today. Parenting classes are offered periodically. Call the church office for information on the next class.

DivorceCare Group

Divorce Care is a support group designed to serve people who are separated or divorced. DivorceCare takes a biblical approach to divorce, separation and related issues such as reconciliation, remarriage, forgiveness and the effect of divorce on children and families. This support group emphasizes that real healing from the intense pain of divorce must begin with a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

GriefShare Group

With its Biblical, Christ-centered perspective, it is an effective support group to help people find or deepen their faith in Christ as they examine soul-level questions about death, dying, their own mortality and eternal life.

Counseling Referrals

LifeSpring Church maintains a listing of state licensed counselors for those in need of traditional counseling and help with emotional or mental pain. The counselors we use as referrals are Biblically-based professional counselors in areas such as marriage counseling, anxiety, depression, addictions, stress management, eating disorders, grief, and many others.