Discipleship Resources

General Resources

  1. Baptist Faith and Message (Link)
  2. Spiritual Gifts Survey (Link)
  3. Spiritual Gifts Defined (Link)
  4. Learning Styles and Lesson Preparation (Link)
  5. A Balanced Small Group Strategy (Link)
  6. When Conflict Involves the Group Leader (Link)
  7. Delegating Leadership (Link)
  8. Seven Mistakes of Small Group Leaders (Link)
  9. Five Small Group Myths (Link)
10. Bible Reading Resources (Link)
11. Discovery Series Booklets (Link)

LifeGroup Resources

  1. LifeGroup Leader Application and Covenant (Link)
  2. LifeGroup Leader Handbook (Link)
  3. LifeGroup FAQs (Link)
  4. LifeGroup List  (Link)

Online Resources

Online Resources for Leaders and Growing Christians (Link)