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"Holy" series begins Sunday, September 12

How do we biblically handle hot topics when talking with our friends, relatives, and children? Topics like: racism, hate-crimes, gender choice, cohabitation, free-sex, the environment, entertainment, and much more.

Plus, how do we approach these from a positive point of view—and not simply come across as naysayers about culture, or, worse yet, portray God as a hater?

That’s why we are tackling these topics with a view that a HOLY God has a better plan, a beautiful design, and a purpose that will bring fulfillment, joy, and peace to our planet.

HOLY Series Messages:

Holy Deity, Part 1

Holy Deity, Part 2

Holy Humans

Holy Sex and Marriage

Holy Gender

Holy Earth

Holy Church

Holy Saints

LifeGroups will be provided study guides for discussion of the sermon and to guide Bible study. If you have not found a LifeGroup to connect with for this 8-week series, please contact Steve Hicks at [email protected] for help.