From our monthly WaterMark email newsletter

2021 brought much change to our LSC staff.
Here are some changes and additions you need to know.

· Ryan Jantz resigned. (By the way, we had the Jantz family over for supper, and they are doing well.)

· Leroy Thomson retired as our Building Superintendent.

· Tommy Harris was hired as a full-time Facilities Director.

· Pastor Steve Hicks’ title and job description was changed to Discipleship and Evangelism Pastor. This reflects him expanding his work in those two areas since Tommy Harris took on much of the administration in his job description.

· Bryan Wheeler was hired as a contract Communications Assistant to take over some of what Ryan Jantz did. He is also helping out Pastor Jeff with some worship leadership, as you may have noticed.

· Pastor George Doyle retired as the Lodge Church Campus Pastor. He is spending some months down in Florida, where he grew up. He’ll be back in the Spring and continue to volunteer at the Lodge as Discipleship Pastor.

· Brian Villafuerte stepped up to take over for George and preach at the Lodge campus. He leads the ministry and preaches most of the sermons at the lodge.

· We created a new part-time Connections Assistant to lead the First Impressions Team on Sundays and to do database work a few days a week. Amanda Hascall did a great job of founding this position but needed to step back due to family commitments with four children. We will look to fill that position after the first of the year.

· Brian Struble began to serve as our Pastoral Resident. He is taking seminary classes, beginning a new LifeGroup, and working with the LSC pastors to gain pastoral experience.

By the way, even with all of these changes, our Personnel Budget is less that it was a few years ago. The Church Board is working hard to keep our budget in check yet provide adequate and strategic staffing to lead the church and equip the saints (That’s you!) to do the work of the ministry. Ephesians 4:11-12

Please pray for our pastors and staff. We need it desperately! Pray systematically for all our LSC leaders.

2022 will be a fantastic year of ministry as we move forward together!

You are loved!

Pastor Steve