From our monthly WaterMark email newsletter

Compassion Sunday is One Week Away

We have a unique opportunity to sponsor a village church and its impoverished children.

The church is in the village of El Paraiso, which is East of the capital city, Tegucigalpa. It’s about a 3-hour drive from the Baptist Medical Hospital we have helped in Guaimaca. The name is Iglesia Amor Viviente, “Living Love Church.” It is a Bible-teaching church which is focused on planting future churches. They are part of a network of 3 churches within 7 miles of each other in that area of Honduras, and in these 3 churches there are currently approx. 140 children in need of sponsorship.

Why there; why now? We have sent teams to that general area of Honduras for many years. We go for a week and return home. With this opportunity, we can have a lasting impact on individual children who need food, education, and gospel training. And, since we are focusing on specific children in one church in one village, when our mission team goes to Honduras, members can visit our sponsored children.

What does sponsorship look like? It means selecting a child from the village church and agreeing to sponsor that child for $38 per month. That pays the church for ministry to that child every week: meals, school supplies, tutoring, and Bible classes. It dramatically changes the life of a child forever! Plus, you will be able to correspond with your child and even visit him or her on a future mission trip.

Even if you will be gone on Sunday, June 5, you can still sponsor a child in Honduras by picking up a packet on Sunday, June 12. And, if you will not be in town either Sunday, you can sponsor a child in our adopted village and church by texting “lifespring” to a number that will be published beginning June 5.

Begin praying about the possibility of changing the life of a needy child in a proven, accountable, strategic way—and doing it in a location where we have an existing partnership. My testimony: Though Susan and I already joyfully sponsor a staff member at the New Day Orphanage, we feel led to join in this project closer to home and sponsor a child in Honduras, as well.

Let’s see what God does!

Pastor Steve