A Word From Pastor Steve


A Year of Community: Connecting People with God and Each Other

The #1 response to the church survey that we gave this fall was that we need more community and more connections in every area of our church. This is consistent with a previous Natural Church Development survey taken by 40 of our church leaders several years ago. That survey indicated that our greatest need was for more assimilation and the building of “loving relationships.”

We’ll begin the process of talking about the recent surveys at the Annual Business Meeting at 5 PM on Sunday, December 9. I hope that you will join us for this important meeting. We’ll address feedback about leadership, worship, preaching, children’s ministry, student ministry, adult ministry, assimilation, outreach, service opportunities, and communication, etc.

I’ve designated 2019 as “A Year of Community: Connecting People with God and Each Other.” We want to take concrete steps to help people through the process of assimilation into loving relationships and discipleship. We want to help people find their place of support and service. But how? For starters:

  • I will take time in morning services regularly to make mention of the surveys, communicate about what is going on, explain the mission, and help people connect.
  • On January 6, I will begin a new sermon series on “Finding Your Place in the Family of God.” This is a verse-by-verse exposition of the book of Ephesians. This 15-week series focuses on the believer’s identity in Christ and behavior in the church.
  • We will continue to promote LifeGroups, the foundation of our church. We will also provide more opportunities for “small church” gatherings of 100 people.
  • We are addressing our entire assimilation process from first-time guest to serving member.
  • We will continue to seek the Holy Spirit, listen to the people, and lead courageously forward.

LifeSpring church belongs to the Chief Shepherd, Jesus Christ. However, he has entrusted his local bride to us! As you make plans for this holiday season and for the new year, include a commitment to step up, connect, serve, give, and make a difference through this local body of believers. Own it! It’s up to you.

I love you and the LSC family!

Pastor Steve