Life Classes

As part of our discipleship strategy, Life Classes are designed to meet specific, practical needs in your life and to equip you for life and service.  Whether you would like help with marriage, parenting, finances, or learning  a leadership skill or more about the Bible, these classes provide the sound guidance you are looking for.  Life Classes are different from LifeGroups in several ways.  Life Classes are short-term, focus primarily on teaching and training (not prayer and community), may or may not offer service projects, most are offered in the church building, and there may be a variety of teachers.

Offered on Sundays and different times during the week, Life classes provide you the opportunity to learn, grow, and receive training along with like-minded individuals who are looking to grow personally and spiritually.   Some Life Classes are for Women only or for Men Only.  These are offered in the Fall, Winter, and Spring of each year.  Life Classes are offered as a supplement to belonging to a LifeGroup, and at times, Life Class participants will form a new LifeGroup.  To register for a class click below.

  • Learn how to evangelize and make disciples like Jesus and the Apostles did.
  • Learn how to share the Gospel without fear and without guilt.
  • Learn what to do with new believers after they trust Christ.
  • This practical course will help you understand the mission Christ gave His church and how to carry it out where you live and work.
  • Use this class for college credit (optional)

Class begins Tuesday August 21, 2018  6-9 pm and meets weekly  (Aug 21-Nov 27)
LifeSpring Church Chapel    13904 So 36th   Bellevue, NE  68123
Cost:  $35 (college credit and Certificate)  $10  (audit, all class requirements must be met)
Contact Dr. Steve Hicks  402-292-4546 

Click HERE for the Evangelism and Discipleship Syllabus
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If you would like more information about our Life Classes or have questions on how to register, please contact Pastor Steve Hicks at